Proofreading an Admissions Essay

Your admissions essay needs to be as perfect as possible. It's what you use to represent yourself to the admissions committee. While you may not get perfection, you can certainly get close. And the best way to get close to perfection is to proofread and proofread again.

Stay Focused

When proofreading, you can't merely read the essay and assume you will spot the errors. You need to look for specific errors. Are you notorious for your spelling? Look for spelling errors. Do you find yourself slipping into the passive tense too much? Look for those pesky “to be” verbs that you can change. The point is, you have a better chance finding errors when you are looking for them. You know your weaknesses in writing by now. Read the essay over and over again looking for these particular mistakes.

Proofread Again

You will be hard-pressed to catch everything on the first revision. After you've already proofread it, proofread it again. And then when you're about to press print, proofread it one last time again. The more you look over it, the more you will find ways to improve it.

Get a Second Opinion

Having another person review your admissions article is a great way to double check yourself. It's a weird phenomenon, but sometimes we just can't look at our own essays with critical eyes. When we try, we just miss the mistakes that other people would find easily.

Brush up on your Grammar Rules

Everyone forgets things with time. This includes grammar rules. If you're unsure about commas, look up how to use them properly before you attack your admissions essay. You want to demonstrate that you have a strong handle on grammar for the papers you will inevitably be writing once you're admitted. This is an important essay, so take the time to study grammar rules before you send it in.

Print the Essay out to Edit it

Grab your red pen and attack your essay as if it were a paper put on your desk. When in print, your essay may be easier to take in, including the mistakes. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to critique your essay when it's in paper format in front of you.

Remember that this essay represents yourself to some people who will be making a very important decision in your life. You want your essay to be polished.


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