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Often when applying to colleges you will be asked to submit an admission essay. Once your transcripts are reviewed, your application will find its way into the hands of the admissions committee. The last document up for examination will be a personal essay highlighting your unique characteristics. Contained in your essay needs to be a clear, concise presentation of your motivation, goals, strengths and attributes.

To begin with, narrow down a few key aspects of your personality, philosophies, or goals. Try to focus on a few key points. This will keep the readers attention and demonstrate your abilities in detailed and motivated deliverance of an idea. Many applicants attempt to encompass far too much information and lose the reader before they can be considered. Remember, they already knows your academic prowess and extracurricular activities, an admission essay is an interview without your presence. Your future at an institution depends on how you present yourself.

If you find yourself at a block about how to start writing, try brainstorming for definitive moments which impacted your life, a mentor or family member who inspired you or a something as simple as a favorite quote that motivates you every morning. Display something that makes is unique to your personality or your life. Keep the reader interested and show a side of yourself that you see as an exceptional trait. Start with words you know, words that you are comfortable with or words that drive you toward your goals.

Once you have written your essay you aren't quite out of the dark yet. Before you can send your work off for review you must first proofread, edit and rewrite anything that may be extraneous or incorrect. Check spelling, grammar, excessive content and structure. Have a friend or family member check also. Another set of eyes may catch a missing word or an incorrect spelling that you skipped over.

Remember, your admission essay is a major factor in your admittance to your favorite institution. Don't stress or strain yourself over it. Take it slow and make sure you feel good about the person you are portraying. The subject matter is you, and know one knows that topic better. Keep it simple, to the point and upbeat. Once everything is checked and rechecked, send your essay out and wait for your acceptance letter!


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